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How do I create my disclosure page?

We can do it for you

  • You can send your contact details and conflict of interest statement to admin@opentci.org, and we will post it to the site for you. Alternatively, you can follow the steps below.

You can do it yourself

  • Login to opentci.org.1)
  • Click on your user name (top right).
  • Click on the create this page tab above.
  • Edit the basic template provided.
  • Please outline any Conflicts of Interest.2)
  • Click the Save button.3)

Why is my name not on the list below?

  • Even though you have registered with the Open TCI Initiative, if you have not created your disclosure page your name will not appear on the list below. The list of “members' pages” is generated by a “plug-in” which searches the relevant directory for completed disclosure pages and automatically creates the links below.

Members' pages

See also

  • Testimony of Demske. “Examining the Relationship Between the Medical Device Industry and Physicians.” Testimony of Gregory E Demske, Assistant Inspector General for Legal Affairs, Office of Inspector General, Department of Health and Human Services. Hearing Before the Senate Special Committee on Aging, United States Senate, February 27, 2008.
1) Click the login link top right.
2) All participants of the Open TCI Initiative must agree to full disclosure of consulting relationships, confidentiality agreements, honoraria, institutional support, royalties, stock, and other relationships which might result in a conflict of interest. While financial details can be confidential, the nature of agreements (e.g., whether they are sources of revenue) should be disclosed.
3) The above list will be updated every few days.

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