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Date: 1 April 2011

Dr. Minto was asked by the organising committee of WorldSIVA to chair a meeting of The Open TCI Initiative from 8AM–9AM a the “Meet the Expert Session” at the Third World Congress of TIVA/TCI in Singapore.

The lecture hall was full, with many people attending. At the commencement of the meeting, a show of hands was asked for to indicate how many of the people at the meeting were in fact members of The Open TCI Initiative with completed disclosure statements. The only members present, as indicated by this show of hands, were: cminto, twschnider and iainglen. Thomas Bouillon also indicated that he was a member with a completed disclosure statement, but I am unable to identify him on the disclosures page.

Thus, I decided to give a 15 minute presentation about The Open TCI Initiative, followed by a 40 minute “Question and Answer” session, rather than hold a formal meeting, as was my original intention. Thus, there are no formal minutes.

The 15 min Presentation:

  • A copy of this website was loaded onto my laptop and displayed on the projection system.
  • The three goals were reviewed.
    • Open Source Code - the code that we now have was briefly outlined. We have received no comments or improvements to the posted algorithms from industry.
    • Raw Data - the data that we now have was briefly outlined. I consider this the most successful, so far. However, there are still many data sets available, which need to be more actively sought. Also, there are still some sets that I have received that I have not yet posted to the site.
    • Discussion and Recommendation - the paucity of input from the members was made clear. I consider this the least successful, so far.
  • The publications were listed.

The Question and Answer Session:

  • Iain Glen commented on the interaction between Industry, the Regulatory Authorities and The Open TCI Initiative.
  • Thomas Bouillon asked a question and made the point that models currently used in commercial pumps are based on a relatively proportion of the available data.
  • In response to a question, the main differences between the different implementations of the models for propofol, remifentanil and alfentanil were outlined.

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