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Issues to Discuss

Several issues are identified below. After clicking on the link below, you will be taken to a page, which introduces the topic to be discussed. After logging in to the website, you can click on the discussion tab and contribute to the discussion of the issue. (Please remember the Ground Rules of The Open TCI Initiative).

How can I suggest other 'Issues to Discuss'?

If you would like to suggest other issues for the Open TCI Initiative to discuss:

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  • Click the discussion tab above for further instructions.

As a result of such discussions, a number of issues will be identified, which will be discussed further. On the basis of such discussions, a number of projects will be developed which will ultimately seek to provide recommendations. It is anticipated that these projects will first look to the available data for a solution. However, in some cases, it will be obvious that the available data are insufficient to make a recommendation. It is anticipated that the discussion will then focus on developing a study specifically designed to address the “issue.”

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